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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Just an Update From the Author


          Hey trout fishermen and women! Mike here and I just wanted to say I have once again been busy with work lately. I apologize for the lack of articles and updates. I will continue to do my best by providing weekly reports of the rivers in SW Montana. The few times I have been out this past month I did not do so well. My ego was torn but I will shake it off with the upcoming fall bite. I learned a few things this year but what I realized most was how difficult fly fishing can get in the late summer period. The fish that so eagerly took my Elk Hair Caddis and Adams Parachutes in the early season wanted nothing of them mid to late summer. The high sun and low waters, even though this year had good summer flows, usually make fishing difficult enough as it is. I hope everyone had an excellent summer and caught plenty of memories.

       Give me a week or two to shake things out with work and I'll be back at it, fishing three to four times a week. Tight lines everyone and be safe out there! Spawning browns are right around the corner ;)

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